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Finhaven Private Markets introduces investors to direct investment in private market deals that are vetted by our experienced investment banking team. We endeavour to provide a diversified portfolio to our investors.

Accredited investors only. No fees for purchasing securities.

Investors save money (no fees*) and time (sourcing deals and vetting them).

*1% fee on secondary trading for the seller only. This is the only trading fee investors pay.

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Finhaven: Your Gateway to Private Investment Opportunities

Expert Market Analysis

We stay on top of the shifting trends in the market to offer you the relevant deals to the market conditions.


We will bring to you opportunities in real estate, mortgage, entertainment, and other industries.


Diversified investment opportunities

Secondary Markets

We provide secondary trading that is settled in real-time on the Platform.


We provide you with the Platform, a direct investment solution that solves custody and settlement issues. You can manage your alternative investment portfolios in a self-custodial FINWallet™ (secondary markets and real time settlement).


Finhaven™ Investment Platform

Finhaven Private Markets is regulated

We are an exempt market dealer and an authorized marketplace and clearing agency in BC, AB, SK, NB, and ON* of Canada.


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