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*There is no purchase fee and no account management fee. In the secondary market, only the seller pays 1% commission. When you withdraw funds in wire transfer, the wire transfer fee may apply.

Finhaven™ Capital offers an investment platform that enables you to manage your private securities like public securities.

 With our innovative platform, you can access secondary markets for your private securities. Our platform is regulated and monitored, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investments are secure and compliant with all applicable regulations. Whether you are an individual investor, a family office, or an institutional investor, our platform offers the tools and features you need to succeed in the world of private securities investment.

Featured Deals

Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation ("GMIC")

GMIC, managed by Gentai Capital Corp., is a leading non-banking mortgage lender. With years of experience and extensive lending channels, they operate in stable and liquid real estate markets, delivering consistent, safe, and high returns to their investors through regular dividends.

Western Wealth Capital U.S. Multifamily Real Estate Fund

A real estate private-equity firm with an established track record since 2014, specifically focused on the multifamily asset class in the U.S. is now seeking investment in their trust fund involved in acquisition, management, and disposition of multi unit residential properties in key U.S. markets.

CanFirst Capital Management - CIPREF Private Income Trust

This open-ended mutual fund trust invests in "A" and "B+" quality industrial and commercial real estate assets that can generate stable and consistent returns over a long investment period, including assets with "pre-lease" commitments from tenants. Minimum investment $100,000.

Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust

This competitive mutual fund trust aims to acquire underperforming and undervalued multi-residential properties, increase their value through active management, and, if appropriate, dispose of them for a profit. The senior management team has significant real estate and property management experience. Equiton will continuously distribute its Class A digital fund units.

¹ Alawwal Properties Corp. is not a securities dealer; it raises capital through securities dealers.