Finhaven™ Investment Platform​

The Finhaven Investment Platform is a capital market infrastructure for digital securities and currencies leveraging blockchain technology to integrate global capital markets. Our goal is to create efficiency in private capital markets, public capital markets, foreign exchange markets, and cryptocurrency markets. By leveraging our core technology, the Finhaven™ Distributed Network, as well as our compliance infrastructure, we will lead the transition of global capital markets and exchanges from book-based systems to digital systems.

White-labeled Finhaven Investment Platform

Are you a securities dealer or private issuer? ​

Finhaven delivers an easy-to-use, integrated virtual data room and stock administration solution.

The benefits of the Finhaven Investment Platform:

  • You can subscribe to one software to use solutions – virtual data room, stock administration, compliance (KYC, AML, ATF, ID verification), contract management and executions, and messaging
  • The intuitive user interface enables creation of your data room
  • FINWallet™ provides digital security self-custody services

Business solutions for transaction challenges all in one platform - from lead generation to closing

“The Finhaven Investment Platform is an end-to-end platform for security dealers. It checks all my checklists and goes beyond them.”

– Mohammed Alhadi, Alawwal Properties Corp.¹

We will offer two types of services for our Finhaven Investment Platform:

1. License the Entire Platform - For Dealers Only

Would you like to license our entire distribution platform for your dealer business? Finhaven can offer you an independent platform to integrate with your own IT infrastructure. Our system integration process results in a platform with your own branding and compliance adjustments important to your business.

The standard features are as follows, but additional functionality is available:

  • Investor onboarding
  • Issuer onboarding
  • Issuer Data Room for investors 
  • Messaging between issuers and investors
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Investor wallet to track cash and store/track securities

Find out how the Finhaven Investment Platform is the ideal securities transaction solution for you.

2. Subscriptions

Are you looking for an all in one platform that allows:

  • Your customers to search for the latest private market deals?
  • You to chat with investors?
  • Participants to make money transfers?
  • Participants to sign agreements?

A subscription to the Finhaven Investment Platform will offer:

  • Virtual Data Rooms
  • Stock Administration
  • Access to Direct Messaging
    • Contract Management and Execution
  • Compliance Solution (KYC, AML, ATF, ID verification)
  • Record of truth is recorded on Blockchain

Pricing will depend on:

  • Storage
  • Number of shareholders
  • The features
  • Number of users

Learn more about a subscription to the Finhaven Investment Platform.

¹ Alawwal Properties Corp. is not a securities dealer; it raises capital through securities dealers.

Take advantage of Finhaven™ Private Markets’ technology

Built on a blockchain

The Finhaven™ Investment Platform provides you with 100% digital investment experience: onboarding, purchase and sale of your private securities, holding them in your wallet, receiving interest and dividends, and communicating with issuers.

The Finhaven Investment Platform:

Let our Finhaven Investment Platform take care of your capital raising needs!

The Finhaven Investment Platform is a capital market infrastructure for digital securities and currencies leveraging blockchain technology to integrate global capital markets. Our platform will be available to investors, dealers and marketplaces as a licensed subscription.

Invest in Private Securities Today:

Finhaven Private Markets is an investment platform built on a blockchain with no purchase fee or account management fee. This video will guide you through the process of setting up your FINWallet™ account and how to purchase securities. As an Issuer, you will be able to raise capital and manage information easily through the Issuer Dashboard. Finhaven™ provides a one-stop solution for your investment needs. Whether you are looking to purchase private securities or are raising capital.

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Introducing FINWallet as a service

Take sole custody of your Digital Assets

Your digital securities will be held securely in your FINWallet. Only you have the private key, and only you have custody of your securities.

Access your Digitals Securities and Crypto Portfolio with FINWallet™

The FINWallet™ will be a multi-crypto-exchange connector, a single access point to your various crypto accounts. Effortlessly manage your crypto portfolio from here.